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Attention Deal Borough Property Owners and Residents

November 15, 2012

Dear Borough Property Owner and Residents:


Hurricane Sandy has damaged our oceanfront but not our spirit.  On behalf of Mayor Franco and Commissioner Cohen, I want to provide an update on the effect of the storm and the status of our response.


Electricity– To the best of our knowledge, all residences have had their power restored.  If you find that your property is without electric power, please call Jersey Central Power & Light at 1-800-662-3115.


Damage to your property – Some of the property in Deal may have suffered damage that is covered by your homeowner’s policy and/or FEMA.  The best way to find out if you are covered is to contact your insurance carrier first for an evaluation.  If you need to contact FEMA, you can do so at 1-800-621-3362.  You can also obtain additional information online at FEMA.


Damage to the Borough –


Conover Pavilion – We experienced major damage at the Conover Pavilion.  It has been declared a total loss.  It will be demolished and removed.  Plans are being developed to rebuild this public bathing facility.


Phillips Avenue Pier – The pier has been swept away and the remaining pilings will be removed.  Consideration will be given for some future replacement structure.


Roosevelt Avenue Sewerage Pumping facility – This facility has suffered serious damage from the storm surge.  The damage is being assessed and plans will be made to replace the damaged equipment, repair the building and reinforce the stone barrier/seawall.  In the meantime, sewerage is being pumped before it reaches the building to TOSA for treatment.


Deal Casino – The Casino suffered major beach erosion and wind damage to several roofs on the bathhouses.  It appears at this time that there are no major structural problems at the Casino beyond the replacement of roofs and awnings.


Clean up – The major loss of trees has resulted in a massive clean up effort within the Borough.  The public works Department cleared the debris from the streets and will continue to clear debris that is brought out to the street.  Do not mix leaves or any bulk debris with the vegetative waste from trees or shrubs.  We will continue to allow the dumping of vegetative waste in the street until December 1st.


In Summary

Despite the damage described, the Borough is fortunate that there were no injuries or loss of life during the storm.  The Mayor and Commissioners want to thank our employees and volunteers for their hard work and vigilance during this storm.   Deal has been made safe and secure during this record breaking weather event through their effort!


Best Wishes to all for the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Morris Ades, Commissioner

Public Works & Beaches

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